We believe in a world free of online bullying, harassment, and child exploitation.

That’s why we build systems to protect online communities from harmful content in real time.

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Chat filter and automated moderation software for online communities
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Artificial intelligence to detect and prioritize new child sexual abuse material (CSAM)
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Find out how Two Hat ensures GDPR compliance.
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  • With Community Sift we don't have to treat our users as one. The user reputation system allows us flexibility — we no longer have to assume the worst to protect the entire community. We can provide our 8 to 11-year-old users with a safe social network experience and an alternative to potentially dangerous sites like YouTube and Facebook.

    Clark Stacey, CEO
    Clark Stacey, CEO WildWorks (Animal Jam)
  • Community Sift is changing our organization and how we work.

    Giorgo Paizanis, VP
    Giorgo Paizanis, VP Habbo
  • Every social product should be using Community Sift.

    Josh Elman, formerly product management at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
    Josh Elman, formerly product management at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter Greylock Partners
  • Our Retention team has been using Community Sift for over 12 months and we’ve had tremendous success. We’ve seen vulgar chat message complaints decrease to essentially zero, our users are happier than ever and we have a detailed understanding of what our community loves. It’s been a no brainer for us.

    Alexander Galasso, Monetization & Retention Director
    Alexander Galasso, Monetization & Retention Director Playtika Ltd.
  • The success of our daily operations depends upon our relationship with Two Hat Security. We have an excellent working relationship with them and know they'll respond to any problems within minutes. They are amazing at prioritizing our wish lists. We never think twice about the product and the future improvements as well. They're like fine waiters, there when you need them with exactly what you need!

    Rebecca Newton, Head of Trust & Community
    Rebecca Newton, Head of Trust & Community SuperAwesome
  • We can't brighten anyone's day without Community Sift. They are integral to our business and awesome to work with!

    Austin Kevitch, CEO
    Austin Kevitch, CEO Brighten
  • Community Sift has gone above and beyond what we would expect from a third-party provider — incredibly personalised service, with amazing domain knowledge. We're glad to be partnered with them!

    Brook Warner, Producer
    Brook Warner, Producer The Aetherlight/Scarlet City Studies
  • Safety of the users is Community Sift's top priority and their innovative technology has made our team more efficient in understanding our users and moderating the community.

    Michael Belanger, Engagement & Monetization Manager
    Michael Belanger, Engagement & Monetization Manager Woozworld
  • Since implementing Community Sift, we have seen our retention numbers double and our users spending more time within the Friendbase world. As the CEO of Friendbase, a vibrant virtual world for teens, it was paramount to implement screening tools to accurately weed out toxic behavior from our platform. The choice between relying on in-house screening versus utilizing Community Sift’s advanced tech and knowledge team was an easy decision.

    Deborah Lygonis, CEO & Co-Founder
    Deborah Lygonis, CEO & Co-Founder Friendbase
  • With Two Hat's help, we've established our app as a space for teens to express themselves in a safer and moderated environment

    Marc-Antoine Durand, COO
    Marc-Antoine Durand, COO Yubo

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