Introducing… Sift Ninja!

Shhh… it’s a secret to everybody. (Or at least, it was a secret to many before this post!)

Today we’re excited to tell you about the official debut of our new product: Sift Ninja!

Sift Ninja is designed to help new and emerging social products. Instead of manually moderating toxic UGC within your social app, or toxic comments on your social profiles, you can just call Sift Ninja and let the system cut out all the high-risk content for you.

Here at Two Hat, our mission is to give every user the power to share ideas and information online without fear of harassment or abuse. There are so many amazing social networks, and so many opportunities to build healthy and engaged communities. Our dream is that every online community, big or small, would have a layer of protection from toxic content that damages brands and real people’s mental health.

When we built Community Sift, we set out to empower every product owner to shape healthy community at scale. For the past four years since we released this innovation, we’ve been focused on protecting enterprise-scale social communities online, continually learning, growing, and responding to users’ ever-changing communication habits.

Now we’ve built upon all of that work and created a simple, powerful tool for communities that are just getting started. After all, not every social product is as large as Facebook or World of Warcraft.

Here are a few answers to some common questions we’ve received about Sift Ninja:

How does it work?

Much like a true ninja, this little bot works silently in the background, protecting your community from garbage content like hate speech, harassment, spam, and all the other junk that plagues the ‘hands off’ communities of old. Is it really ‘free speech’ if your users are scared to freely speak their minds?

To get started, just sign up at and create a Team name. There you can upload some test data, setup your WordPress comments for auto-moderation, or integrate a custom platform using a (see Integration question below). The choice is yours.

Who is Sift Ninja for?

Sift Ninja is for the builder generation. Empowering you to dream big dreams without worrying about whether your users are getting bullied and harassed.

Small, early stage tech companies and startups… Indie gaming studios… Bloggers and media publishers… if you’re tech-savvy with the ambition to grow a thriving social community, Sift Ninja is for you. Now you can get back to work in your garage on your next big feature instead of wasting your time moderating garbage comments.

Why ninjas?

The correct answer to this question is, “why not ninjas?” ;P

Why should I use Sift Ninja?

Building your own blacklist/whitelist/RegEx system will have you chasing a bazillion different permutations. It’s challenging and time-consuming to build your own machine learning algorithm. It’s a perpetual arms race that you’ll need to stay on top of continually. Wouldn’t you rather just call an API and get back to building out your feature backlog?

What about blog comments?

If you run a self-hosted WordPress blog (or have a paid account that allows you to install plugins) you can use the Sift Ninja WordPress plugin. We’ll be adding support for other platforms throughout 2017 and beyond. See how to install Sift Ninja on WordPress here.

How is this different than Community Sift?

Think of Sift Ninja as “Community Sift Lite,” or “Community Sift for Startups”. Powered by the same robust content classifier as our enterprise product, Sift Ninja is a pared-down, essentials-only moderation tool that automatically filters or hashes the worst content, including cyberbullying, vulgarity, sexting, racism, and PII (Personally Identifiable Information). It allows you to moderate UGC messages, chat, usernames, and images, gives you some control over your filter settings, and supports up to five topics.

Community Sift is the full-meal enterprise deal with all the bells and whistles: our patented trust system, user reputation, protection for child-directed products, analytics reports, custom policy guides, custom blacklist/whitelist, 25 topics, and fine-grained permissions.

Can I test it out?

Please do! Make sure you let us know what you think. We’re always open to feedback, and want to give you the best product to help you cultivate a positive online community.

How do I install Sift Ninja?

Check out our little demo on GitHub on how to install using PubNub.

How do I log in?

Just go to and login. (You’ll also get a Team URL upon signup to save you an extra step upon login if you want to cut down on clicks.)

How do I integrate this with my custom platform?

Integrating Sift Ninja into your custom platform is super-simple thanks to our friends at PubNub. You can use a simple PubNub BLOCK to automatically filter out toxic user-generated content.

PS — If you haven’t used PubNub before, we definitely recommend it. We’ve built some super-cool stuff using PubNub, and it makes integration so much easier!

For more information on PubNub and BLOCKS, check out their website

Okay, so time for the bottom line… How much does it cost?

Since Sift Ninja is intended for small businesses and product owners, the app is “pay as you grow,” giving you up to 500 insights per month for free. Hooray!

For more info on pricing, see this Sift Ninja pricing page.

Stay tuned for more Sift Ninja information to come! If you have any questions in the meantime, we’re here to help. Check out the Sift Ninja site and help desk.