Two Hat’s journey began in 2012 when founder and CEO Chris Priebe left his position as a Senior Application Security Specialist at Disney Interactive to form his own company. A former lead developer on the safety and security elements for Club Penguin, which was acquired by Disney and grew to over 300 million users, Chris was driven by a desire to tackle the major issues of cyberbullying, harassment, and abuse across the social internet.

Today, Two Hat’s AI-powered content moderation platform classifies, filters, and escalates more than 100 billion human interactions, including messages, usernames, images, and videos a month, all in real-time. With an emphasis on surfacing online harms including cyberbullying, abuse, hate speech, violent threats, and child exploitation, we enable clients across a variety of social networks across the globe to foster safe and healthy user experiences for all ages.

In addition, we believe that removing illegal content from the internet is a shared responsibility among social networks, technology companies, researchers, government, and law enforcement. To that end, we work with Canadian law enforcement to train AI to detect new child exploitative material.

Chris’s original vision is still our guiding principle. We believe that everyone should be free to share online without fear of harassment or abuse. And every day we work to make that vision a reality.

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