At Two Hat, we value collaboration. We strive to partner with organizations that share our mission of empowering healthy online communities.

Community Sift

Our partners are dedicated to providing their clients with a chat filter and moderation tool designed to kickstart user engagement and guarantee safety. They chose Community Sift because it works.

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We work with a number of kid-friendly products and are proud to be members of the kidSAFE Seal Program.


Thanks to a generous grant from Mitacs, we are collaborating with major universities across Canada. Interns are joining the Two Hat Security team in our Kelowna office to research and develop innovative solutions to one of the biggest problems on the internet today — the creation and distribution of child sexual abuse material (CSAM).


High School League of Legends Clubs

The High School League of Legends Clubs initiative teaches students the core values of digital citizenship, fair play, and the six aspects of sportsmanship.

We have partnered with the High School League of Legends Clubs team in Oceania to create brand-new resources for teachers, parents, and students, all centered around the concept of online risk.

Not only that, we are also partnering with the team to produce several blogs about the initiative, with a special focus on the very human stories that have made the project a success from the very beginning.

We’re proud to work alongside a visionary company like Riot Games to help usher in a new age of sportsmanship and mutual respect in gaming. And what better place to start than with high school students — the digital citizens of the future.

Check out the official announcements on our blog and on the High School League of Legends site.

Download the teaching resources!

Online Risk and Digital Citizenship: Learning About Risk With High School League of Legends Clubs

Lesson Plan: Teaching A Team-Oriented Mindset & Resilience


“We are delighted to have partnered with Two Hat who, like us, believe in a world free of online bullying and harassment. By working together, we hope to cultivate friendly gaming communities that foster positive and productive interactions.”

Ivan Davies, Social Play and Community at Riot Games

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