As much of the world’s population faces an extended period of staying home, people are spending more time on online platforms. What does this mean for online communities and those who manage them? The increase in traffic volumes in popular games and social networks is spiking sharply.

Chat volumes are soaring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But volume alone is not the problem:

  • How are the exponential increases in user chats impacting content moderation practices and business workflows?
  • What are the new trends related to COVID-19 and what are online communities experiencing at this time?
  • How can we as an industry provide safe and inclusive spaces for users during and after the crisis?

To help answer these questions, I recently chatted with Vernon Jones, Head of Safety at MovieStarPlanet, and Two Hat’s Amy Vezeau, Manager of Client Integration, who shared with me their views on the state of online communities and content moderation. We focused on three main topics:

  • The scope of the challenge, especially as it relates to a spike in chat volumes
  • How COVID-19 has affected content moderation practices and impacted teams, business, and users
  • Practical tips and actionable approaches to add to your content moderation strategy during this challenging time

I’m so excited to announce that we’ve gathered these insights in a brand-new e-book Content Moderation in Challenging Times: Techniques to Moderate Chat & Manage Increased Volumes that you can download today

I’ve spoken to multiple organizations over the last two months that are looking for guidance, and this is a great piece of content that will help you navigate the changing landscape of content moderation during and after the pandemic. You can find it here.

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