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The player/user behavior, content moderation, and Trust & Safety disciplines tend to be viewed as part of a cost center. Proactive moderation is usually tacked on to games and platforms after the product is launched, or as the result of a crisis/PR nightmare.

Content moderation is smart, it’s necessary, and even lawyers like it, but can it also be an opportunity to facilitate amazing player and viewer experiences in your platform and reach a bigger and more diverse audience?

As it turns out, a proactive approach to player behavior, moderation, and Trust & Safety can accomplish that, and more. This is especially important during the COVID-19 crisis, in a time when gaming companies have experienced exponential growth in chat volumes. Some communities report up to 3000% more chat in March than in February! A massive increase like that means companies are opened up to both risks and opportunities that our industry simply cannot afford to ignore.

Luckily, there are multiple opportunities to better safeguard your player and userbase as well as foster an inclusive and healthy gaming environment. These include things like proven techniques that have reduced disruptive behavior by 40%, to understanding that the social stickiness of moderated chat in games increases engagement and drives long term value in online platforms.

The Opportunity to Chat
From Two Hat’s whitepaper “The Opportunity to Chat”

There are a lot of other techniques out there – and we are pleased to announce that we’ll be sharing some of them with the industry during the upcoming GamesBeat (virtual) summit!

On April 29th, 4:15 pm PST, join the GamesBeat Summit 2020: The Dawn of a New Generation stream to catch the panel “Player Behavior: Your Secret Growth Tool”, and hear from experts at the forefront of platform and game design as well as Trust & Safety and culturalization in games to learn more about:

  • What approaches can help companies harness this growth opportunity
  • How to get started right away and start making an impact on how you design and manage your communities

Hear more from our fellow panelists Kim Voll from Stray Bombay and Clara Siegel from Facebook in our GamesBeat Summit 2020 panel discussion “Player Behaviour: Your Secret Growth Tool” — and make sure to download the accompanying checklist with new best practices and insights inspired by our panel discussion.

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