Lessons are more effective when they’re fun.

– High School League of Legends Clubs website

Last year, we had the great privilege to meet and interview Ivan Davies, a Rioter who spearheaded the High School League of Legends Club, a major initiative in Oceania.

At Two Hat, we believe that everyone has the right to share online without fear of harassment or abuse. Every day, we help gaming and social platforms foster healthy and inclusive online spaces. And just like Riot Games, we believe that encouraging the ideals of online etiquette and the Summoner’s Code are just as crucial in those online spaces as they are on the playing field.

Ivan and his team are doing critical work in Oceania. The High School League of Legends Clubs initiative teaches students, teachers, and parents the core values of digital citizenship, fair play, and the six essential tenets of sportsmanship. All of these topics are dear to our hearts (and core to our mission) at Two Hat. Deciding to partner with the High School LoL Clubs initiative was a no-brainer for us.

And on that note… we are thrilled to announce that, in 2018, we will be collaborating with the High School League of Legends Clubs team to create brand-new resources for teachers, parents, and students, all centered around the concept of online risk. Not only that, we are also partnering with the team to produce several blogs about the initiative, with a special focus on the very human stories that have made the project a success from the very beginning.

The industry is poised for a major change over the next year. We believe that in 2018 the values of digital citizenship, fair play, and sportsmanship will become the standard across all platforms.

We’re proud to work alongside a visionary company like Riot Games to help usher in a new age of sportsmanship and mutual respect in gaming. And what better place to start than with high school students — the digital citizens of the future.

Stay tuned to the blog, the High School League of Legends Clubs Partners and Teacher’s Materials pages, and the Two Hat Partners page for updates.

Download our first teacher’s resource!

“We are delighted to have partnered with Two Hat who, like us, believe in a world free of online bullying and harassment. By working together, we hope to cultivate friendly gaming communities that foster positive and productive interactions.”

Ivan Davies, Social Play and Community at Riot Games


“Riot Games is leading the way with High School League of Legends Clubs, offering students and teachers an invaluable opportunity to explore and practice online citizenship in a unique way. Dedicated to producing long-lasting results, Riot Games is shaping new online citizens who are learning how to use digital platforms with purpose and awareness.”

Carlos Figueiredo, Director of Community Trust & Safety at Two Hat Security


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