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Finally a global event to celebrate and raise awareness of Safety Tech and its values!

Safety Tech 2021: Unleashing the Potential for a Safer Internet happened last month and highlighted the technology, companies, and processes that make digital spaces healthier and safer around the globe.

Our three takeaways for how we work with our clients were:


  1. Community health & safety is a multidimensional challenge

  2. Online language is malleable, flexible, and ever changing

  3. It’s time to look at opportunities, value, and possibilities


Two Hat’s Founder and Executive Chairman Chris Priebe was invited to speak in the session “User Safety and Your Enterprise Architecture”. It explored how companies navigate the online threat landscape and understand how safety technologies can be used for maximum impact, integrating seamlessly with existing systems and processes.



It was a wonderful programme. Here are our key takeaways and insights related to the challenges we help our clients solve everyday:

Community health & safety is a multidimensional challenge

A multidimensional challenge requires a holistic solution with multiple processes and layers. While tech can largely automate the review of user-generated content and triage incidents for human review, humans bring empathy and nuanced knowledge that are required to perform excellent community management – particularly in a dynamic, fast changing environment.

As Remy Malan (VP, Trust & Safety and Chief Privacy Officer at Roblox) pointed out in the event, this is a classic “people, processes, and systems” type of situation. He gave the example that one may want to use technology and people in a combined way to create a layered process.

From our founding we’ve believed in the power of combining cutting edge technology with human expertise and creativity. They are complementary and necessary to achieve the best outcomes in community health and safety.

Online language is malleable, flexible, and ever changing

Yesterday’s innocuous meme or emoji might be highly inappropriate today and used to discriminate against a visible minority in an online community. A new song might change the meaning of an acronym (WAP by Cardi B Featuring Megan Thee Stallion, anyone?).

It all happens at the blink of an eye.

Understanding online language at a textual and surface level is not enough. It’s critical to understand all layers of context, including cultural nuances, internet lingo and pop culture, global trends, and more.

Excellent community management needs to always be up to date with the latest and greatest ways people communicate online, be it to express excitement or to cause harm.


It’s time to look at opportunities, value, and possibilities

Community management solutions and approaches are being implemented as investments and valuable solutions to protect and grow online communities.

Executives recognize the power of online spaces to connect us meaningfully and facilitate some of the most rewarding shared experiences.

Safety Tech 2021 left us energized! We look forward to more events like this and to continue to drive health, safety, and wellness for digital spaces created by the most optimistic and ambitious community builders in the world.

* * *

At Two Hat we believe in making a real difference in the ability for the diversity of humanity to engage each other in a more compelling, supportive, and optimistic way.

Tools are only as good as the experience of the team behind them. We are the trusted and recognized leader in community management solutions, with decades of collective experience managing some of the biggest digital communities in the world. Two Hat has both the leading tools and the leading knowledge to provide you with the right outcomes, and we would be thrilled to work with you to grow and protect your community!

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