At Two Hat, we care about the health, safety and wellness of the internet. We believe that everyone should be able to share online without the fear of harassment or abuse. Our Mission is to make that a reality.
At Two Hat, we care about the health, safety and wellness of the internet. We believe that everyone should be able to share online without the fear of harassment or abuse. Our Mission is to make that a reality.


Fostering a healthy and positive environment in digital communities is mission critical to platform owners and creators. Making sure digital communities are a safe, rewarding and fun experience means community managers are faced with extremely hard challenges.

Every month, we help our customers solve these problems by classifying, filtering, and escalating more than 100 billion human interactions in real time. We use a combination of AI and human expertise, that we call AIPLUS, that allows them to proactively moderate and manage chat, comments, usernames, images, and videos.

Together we drive community health, wellness, and safety outcomes without sacrificing expressivity. But what sets Two Hat apart from other community management companies?

Below are top reasons our clients choose us to partner with for their platforms:

1 – To help foster a positive and healthy community

One of our goals at Two Hat is to “filter the negative, build on the positive” so that our clients can build more positive and healthier communities where users can be authentically themselves. Clients can further prioritize the wellbeing of their users by being intentional with their platform’s design as well as reflecting their core values within their communities.

Our community health, wellness, and safety experts help guide clients through setting a community tone that reinforces their values and help them scale their community in a safe way. All of these aspects cohesively come together to create a platform that encourages user engagement and promotes collaboration and creativity.

2 – To make their platform more engaging

Users want to engage with online platforms where they can communicate freely without a fear of being harassed, threatened, or abused rather than ones where they know they may be subjected to harmful and negative experiences.

In 2018, we conducted a month-long study of the community of one of the top mobile games in the Action RPG category. What we found is that chat moderation leads to improvements in positive user engagement, retention, and lifetime value. By flagging and filtering hateful and negative content before it ever reaches the user, content moderation helps clients create a safe and conversational experience within the platform. This helps to reduce the amount of harmful content that users are exposed to and lets them more freely and fully engage with the platform.

Chat drives long term value (LTV)

3 – To reduce the workload of their community managers

Community managers are an integral part of a platform’s community that help to strengthen and maintain the health and safety of social and online communities. Part of a community manager’s role is to monitor for hate speech, graphic images, and other types of high-risk content that can impact their mental health and wellbeing. Our clients recognize that our Community Sift platform can help automate their moderation efforts and reduce the workload of their community managers.

As part of our updated platform, Community Sift 2.0, our clients can now reduce their moderator’s exposure to harmful image content by taking advantage of our fully customized image-based policy guides, easier-to-use image queues, percentage likelihood for toxic content, improved stability, and blur options. Our comprehensive, photo-specific Policy Guide Topics cover 12 important subjects including Pornography, Swim/Underwear, Extremism, Gore, Alcohol, Drugs, and Weapons to help make your community safer.

This gives community managers more time to engage the community with special events, work with brand ambassadors, model the behaviors that are aligned with their values, and much more. In essence, community managers have more time to focus on engagement and retention boosting activities, and growing a thriving community.

Chart showing user-generated report decrease with addition of a chat filter.

4 – To add context and be understanding on a global scale

Two Hat doesn’t use a simple translation engine to build new languages and review content; we believe that all users deserve to interact in a safe and healthy online environment, and one-to-one translations from English result in inaccurate filters and a bad experience for community members.

Our language and culture experts have a deep understanding of formal and informal language and can help add cultural context, empathy, and understanding to flagged content. This helps companies provide a platform that protects and enables the diversity of all their members across the globe.

5 – To help create a safer online environment

We believe that removing illegal, harmful, content from the internet is a shared responsibility among social networks, technology companies, researchers, government, and law enforcement. Clients come to us because they share our mission of improving the internet for all ages.

Together we enable the full diversity of humanity to connect in a compelling and engaging way. That is what drives our work each and every day.

6 – To strengthen their brand’s reputation

Brand reputation is more than how many products a company sells, the logo that they use, or the voice that they convey over social media. A brand’s reputation is built off the impression that they make on their users and the customer experience that they provide.

Organizations that authentically reflect their core values through their products and services have a stronger brand reputation than those that do not. Approximately 86% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support. Two Hat helps online platforms fulfill their brand promise and demonstrate their authenticity by helping them create a culture of positivity and understanding for their users to engage with.

When users associate a positive experience with a brand, they are more likely to stay loyal to that brand and continuously engage with their platform. In turn, the brand’s reputation is strengthened which can increase their visibility, revenue, and usership.

Choose Two Hat. Choose safer and thriving communities.

Brands are defined by their communities. Two Hat helps brands build inclusive, welcoming, healthy, and thriving communities within their platforms. Created for builders, by builders, our holistic approach to content moderation helps platforms create safer and more engaging communities, reduce the workload of their community managers, and strengthen their overall brand reputation.

What makes us different is what makes us better:

  • AIPLUS: Two Hat combines advanced AI and machine learning with human insights
  • Language and Cultural experts keep our clients ahead of emerging languages
  • Our customers are our partners, we exchange insights and learnings to improve the health, wellness, and safety of the internet together
  • Holistic model: The Five Layers of Community Protection is our approach to solving the multi-dimensional challenge of fostering health, wellness, and safety online
  • UnNatural Language Processing is a superior solution to online communities’ biggest threat: subversions
  • Situational context awareness to proactively protect the community
  • Real-time responsiveness to world-wide and community events through instant updates to filtering and classifications
  • Text classification and moderation of 19 critical topics plus the ability to add up to 5 custom topics
  • Image classification and moderation that classify and moderate with more precision and control with 12 curated topics

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