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Two Hat Security has been announced as an Official Supporter of Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018, helping to promote a positive and inclusive internet — free from fear, personal threats, and abuse.

Thanks to a generous donation by Two Hat Security, The Cybersmile Foundation can continue to help victims of online abuse around the world while raising awareness of the important issues surrounding the growing problem of harassment and cyberbullying in all its forms.

“We are delighted to receive this generous donation from Two Hat Security to help us continue our work supporting victims of cyberbullying and delivering educational programs to help people avoid cyberbullying related issues in the future,” says Iain Alexander, Head of Engagement at The Cybersmile Foundation.

Two Hat Security is the creator of Community Sift, a content filter and automated moderation tool that allows gaming and social platforms to proactively protect their communities from cyberbullying, abuse, profanity, and more.

“Stop Cyberbullying Day is such an important initiative,” says Carlos Figueiredo, Director of Community Trust and Safety at Two Hat Security. “We believe that digital citizenship and sportsmanship are the keys to understanding disruptive player behavior. The work that the Cybersmile Foundation does to support victims perfectly lines up with our mission to protect online communities from abuse and harassment.”

Stop Cyberbullying Day regularly features a host of global corporations, celebrities, influencers, educational institutions and governments who come together and make the internet a brighter, more positive place. The day has previously been supported by celebrities and brands including One Direction, Fifth Harmony, MTV, Twitter and many more.

To get involved with the Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018 activities, participants can share positive messages on social media using the hashtag #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY.

About Two Hat Security

Founded in 2012, Two Hat Security empowers gaming and social platforms to foster healthier online communities. With their flagship product Community Sift, an enterprise-level content filter and automated moderation tool, online communities can proactively filter abuse, harassment, hate speech, and other disruptive behavior.

Community Sift currently processes over 22 billion messages a month in 20 different languages, across a variety of communities and demographics, including Roblox, Animal Jam, Kabam, Habbo, and more.

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About The Cybersmile Foundation

The Cybersmile Foundation is a multi-award winning anti-cyberbullying nonprofit organization. Committed to tackling all forms of digital abuse, harassment and bullying online, Cybersmile work to promote diversity and inclusion by building a safer, more positive digital community.

Through education, innovative awareness campaigns and the promotion of positive digital citizenship Cybersmile reduce incidents of cyberbullying and through their professional help and support services they empower victims and their families to regain control of their lives.

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About Stop Cyberbullying Day

Stop Cyberbullying Day is an internationally recognized day of awareness and activities both on and offline that was founded and launched by The Cybersmile Foundation on June 17th 2012. Annually, every third Friday in June, Stop Cyberbullying Day encourages people around the world to show their commitment toward a truly inclusive and diverse online environment for all – without fear of personal threats, harassment or abuse. Users of social media include the hashtag #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY to show their support for inclusion, diversity, self-empowerment and free speech.

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