We are excited to announce that Two Hat Security has been featured on the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Ready to Rocket List for the third year in a row!

Rocket Builders’ sixteenth annual list recognizes BC tech companies that are “best positioned to capitalize on the technology sector trends that will lead them to faster growth than their peers… [the lists] provide accurate predictions of private companies that will likely experience significant growth, venture capital investment or acquisition by a major player in the coming year.”

Read the full press release.

About Ready to Rocket

Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles B.C. technology companies with the greatest potential for revenue growth. Since 2003, the Ready to Rocket list has consistently predicted the revenue growth leaders and the companies most likely to attract investment.

About Rocket Builders

Rocket Builders is a management consulting firm providing sales and marketing services. With a focus on helping technology companies to grow and prosper, Rocket Builders has a proven track record of success with its clients. Since 2000, they have been engaged in market research, market planning, business development initiatives, strategic selling, and product launches for over 350 organizations.

About Two Hat Security

At Two Hat Security, we empower social and gaming platforms to build healthy, engaged online communities, all while protecting their brand from high-risk content. Our flagship software Community Sift is a powerful content filter and automated moderation tool that detects high-risk content in text, usernames, and images. Used by online games, social networks, virtual worlds, forums, messaging apps and more, Community Sift leverages an artificial intelligence model that helps social products increase user engagement, decrease moderation costs and workload, and protect communities from abuse.


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