Today’s the day! We’ve been working hard on our new website for months (or has it been years? It feels like years), and it’s finally ready.

The biggest change you’ll notice is that we’ve merged the Two Hat and Community Sift websites. Before, if you wanted to learn about the company you’d have to start on the Two Hat site, then hop over to the Community Sift site to learn about the product. Not anymore! Now they’re together — our vision, our story, and our work, all on one site.

We’ve also added more information about our latest project, CEASE. An artificial intelligence model built to find new child sexual abuse material (CSAM), CEASE is our most important project yet, and we’re thrilled to share our progress with the world.

We encourage you to head over to the CEASE homepage and learn more. It’s not an easy topic to face, but it’s crucial that we tackle it, head on. It’s not a problem we can solve alone, so we encourage you to get involved if you can. Find out more here.

We’ve also updated the Community Sift product page with lots of new content, including case studies (stay tuned for more!) and an all-new FAQ section.

We believe in a world free of online bullying, harassment, and child exploitation. And with this new site, we hope to share that vision and that dream with the world. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

In 2017, let’s build a better internet, together.


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