Trained on real CSAM, our AI scans, identifies, and flags new images containing child abuse with unprecedented accuracy.

For Law Enforcement

  • Identify and rescue victims of child abuse faster
  • Use in conjunction with hash list
  • Reduce investigator’s manual workload
  • Lessen investigator’s emotional trauma


Built in collaboration with law enforcement and leading Canadian universities, is an ensemble of neural networks using multiple AI models to accurately detect images containing child abuse.

How It Works

Investigators access an easy-to-use plugin, upload case images, and run their hash list to eliminate known images. Then, they let the AI identify, suggest a label, and prioritize images that contain new, never-before-seen CSAM. From there, investigators review flagged images, confirm they contain illegal content, build their case against offenders — and rescue innocent victims faster.

Social platforms send all user-uploaded images to the API endpoint. From there, identifies and labels any images containing child abuse, and sends a response — all in real time. Then, platforms can escalate images to law enforcement based on their internal processes.

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