The ROI of Chat

How Social Features Boost Retention & Growth

There’s almost nothing more powerful you can do than connect your players to each other.”

Are you still unconvinced that chat has a positive effect on user retention and overall revenue? Hesitant to invest in chat moderation for your product?

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, senior tech and entertainment exec Steve Parkis (Disney, Zynga) and Two Hat Director of Community Trust & Safety Carlos Figueiredo (co-founder of the Fair Play Alliance) discuss how social features encourage engagement and growth.

Find out why chat is crucial to success in the gaming industry — and beyond.

Why choose our automated chat moderation API?

  • Identify language manipulations like leet speak, misspellings, punctuation, and vertical chat with Unnatural Language Processing (UnLP)
  • Detect disruptive users and reward positive behavior with patented User Reputation technology
  • Expand globally with 20+ languages
  • Respond to breaking news and language trends in real time
  • Tune flexible settings for varied use cases, including chat, comments, forum posts, profiles, and more
  • Save development time with easy-to-integrate API calls
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