Two Hat’s Community Sift is a powerful automated content & chat moderation platform. Simply connect to our API to pass User Generated Content (UGC) to Community Sift. Our service quickly analyzes each piece of UGC allowing acceptable content through or flagging potentially toxic content by severity for your review. Two Hat’s Community Sift is highly customizable to meet the needs of your specific online community.

Increase User Retention
Social is key to your platform’s success, whether you’re a game, app, or website. The more users connect and the more positive their experience is, the more likely they are to return.

Reduce Your Risk
Protect your brand and reduce your legal risks. Create a welcoming environment that instantly removes profanity, harassment, hate speech, sexual content, PII (personally identifiable information), and more from your community.

Faster ROI
Human moderation is expensive. Lower your operating costs by leveraging powerful automation. With a smaller workload, your community team can focus on user engagement and retention-boosting activities.

Why choose our automated chat & content moderation API?

  • Identify language manipulations like leet speak, misspellings, punctuation, and vertical chat with UnNatural Language Processing (UnLP)
  • Detect disruptive users and reward positive behavior with patented User Reputation technology
  • Expand globally with 20 languages
  • Respond to breaking news and language trends in real time
  • Tune flexible settings for varied use cases, including chat, comments, forum posts, profiles, and more
  • Save development time with easy-to-integrate API calls

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