The Community Sift team is excited to announce a series of product updates that align to Microsoft’s commitment to accessibility. Microsoft understands the power of technology, and the importance to innovate, create, and design in a way that gives everyone the ability to achieve more. And our new updates work to create a more inclusive user experience for all community managers. 

Key Updates

  • Improved Color Contrast Provides more clarity and the ability to better discern content on every page.  
  • New keyboard-friendly features Gives access to clearer focus indicators, to help improve navigation through our content moderation system.
  • Screen reader improvements Delivers a redesigned, more logical flow of content, allowing users with screen readers to more easily follow the workflow in our content moderation system. 
  • Improved zoom features Provides a fully responsive screen magnification up to 400%. Text and images will scale together for a better view of all content within the system, whether it’s the whole screen or parts of the screen.

Community Managers are vital to creating vibrant ecosystems with authentic engagement. We hope these updates are empowering and help them better protect their communities. To see our new and improved Community Sift accessible features in action, request a live demo today.

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