Prevent abusive content
in real time.

Auto-moderation tool designed for social products.

Online Community Safety

Introducing Community Sift.

Community Sift is a high-risk content detection system and moderation tool for social products. Using a blend of smart computer automation and human review, it identifies and handles dangerous User-Generated Content like bullying, harassment, and hate speech in real time. Built for products that host chat, social networking, user forums, and more.

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Shape a healthy community

Everyone deserves to share without fear of harassment or abuse.

Reduce user churn

Studies show that high-risk content drives users away.

Cut moderation costs

As your social platform grows, so will your moderation costs.

Unnatural Language Processing.

Our secret weapon. When it comes to high-risk content, we weren’t satisfied with the current state of Natural Language Processing (NPL).
That’s why we created a new way to detect manipulations and find hidden meanings.

Safety by design.

In-app chat. Forum posts. Usernames. Profile pics. UGC comes in many forms. We designed our system to adapt to every environment and demographic.
And it comes equipped with best practices, too.

Flexible classification.

Strike the perfect balance between safety and creativity. Community Sift takes a 360-degree approach to classification, factoring in topic, riskiness, context, user reputation, and more to make decisions.

That means you can rest easy knowing that your community is always protected — and free to speak their mind.

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By the numbers*


messages classified


usernames moderated


images classified


high risk content identified

* Based on a period of 3 months

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Community Sift is listed by the kidSAFE Seal Program.
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Community Sift is listed by the kidSAFE Seal Program.


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