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Increasing user retention, reducing workloads, and fostering positive communities.

A leading provider of chat filtering, automated moderation, and community management solutions, we are trusted by the most respected social networks, games, and apps in the industry to protect their communities from abusive content.

Read some of our case studies below.


Expression Without Censorship

Find out how MovieStarPlanet uses advanced filtering technology to protect users — while still ensuring freedom of expression.

Retention Rate Doubled

Find out how Friendbase decreased user churn with efficient community moderation.

Staying Positive

Find out how Brighten built a community based on positive interactions.

Scaling Up

Find out how Habbo expanded the community while reducing moderation workload by 70%.

Rewarding Positive Users

Find out how Kidzworld keeps its young users safe while ensuring expressivity with the User Reputation feature.

What can Community Sift do for your product?

Streamline Username Approvals
Streamline Username Approvals
Moderate high-risk handles
Set community guidelines in advance and let our powerful machine learning decide which usernames pass or fail. Escalate questionable or high-risk names to a queue for human review.
Detect Pornographic Images
Detect Pornographic Images
Filter pornography automatically
Want to keep your community safe from explicit images? With an over 99% accuracy rate, you can rest easy knowing that Community Sift is protecting your users, 24/7.
Achieve COPPA Compliance
Achieve COPPA Compliance
Follow US and EU laws
Child-directed and family-friendly products are legally obligated to meet compliance laws. Our kidSAFE-vetted settings can help you meet COPPA and GDPR regulations.
Cut Moderation Costs
Cut Moderation Costs
Grow efficiently with one tool
As your community grows, so will your moderation costs. Keep costs low as you scale up with our all-in-one text, username, image filter and high-powered automated moderation tool.
Scale Into New Languages
Scale Into New Languages
Maintain standards across communities
Looking to expand your social product into multiple languages? We can help you keep costs low and maintain community guidelines and moderation practices across all regions.
Meet App Store Guidelines
Meet App Store Guidelines
Set yourself up for succcess
Plan on submitting your product to the App Store, Amazon Appstore, or Google Play? Apps that contain UGC must include a method to filter objectionable material and a way for users to report offensive content.

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