AI+HI = Content moderation challenges solved.

Find out how with a no cost, no obligation community audit!

Today, users demand that sharing platforms raise the bar. With over 3 billion images shared online daily, accurate and scalable content moderation is crucial to your product’s success.

Two Hat’s Community Sift provides automated text, image, and video moderation for all types of sharing platforms. Our cutting-edge image scanning technology detects child sexual abuse, pornography, extremism, and more.

Are you:

  • Concerned about the impact that offensive images have on your users?
  • Worried that illegal images are being shared on your platform?
  • Committed to preventing bad press and protecting your brand?

If so… Sign up for a free community audit today! Our industry experts will examine your community, locate high-risk areas, and identify how we can help solve your moderation challenges.

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