Image and Video Moderation

Protect children, your brand, and your users from threatening content

Detect visual threats with unprecedented accuracy

As technology evolves, more and more images are uploaded and shared online. While most of these images are innocent, some contain offensive or unwanted content. Disturbingly, sometimes that includes child abuse.

With our cutting-edge image scanning technology, social products can detect and remove dangerous and illegal content from their platforms in real time. Use our one-of-a-kind ensemble model to automatically identify pornography, extremism, gore, weapons, and drugs without ever forcing your users or moderators to see NSFW content.

And through our work with law enforcement, we now provide child sexual abuse material (CSAM) detection for social sharing platforms.


Prioritize manual review of risky images

Manual review takes too much time, requires too many people, and costs too much money. Let our image recognition software automatically approve and reject content based on your community thresholds.

Eliminate the need to review images and videos that have a low risk of containing inappropriate material — and optimize your moderation team.

In the process, you’ll protect your team from the emotional drain of reviewing sensitive or damaging material.



Train a custom topic

Threat detection isn’t limited to our six categories. Every product and community has unique needs, so we provide an expandable series of threat categories. Need to detect and filter images containing children? Or cats? We can do that. Just provide us with a labeled dataset for training, or we’ll build it ourselves.

Either way, you can rest easy knowing that your community is protected from inappropriate images of all kinds.


Your feedback = ongoing improvements

In addition to adding your requested threat categories, our visual intelligence solution can learn when it makes the occasional mistake.  As a client of Community Sift, your feedback is invaluable and improves our technology every day. Is your team experiencing false positives? Tell us which image is flagged incorrectly and we’ll retrain and fine-tune the system.

Find out how Community Sift can help moderate images and video in your product.

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