AI+HI = Content moderation challenges solved.

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Today, users demand that social platforms raise the bar. More than ever, accurate and scalable content moderation is crucial to your product’s success. In fact, research shows that moderated chat can increase daily sessions by 4x.

Are you:

  • Concerned about the impact that abuse and harassment has on your users?
  • Worried you’re overlooking sensitive content like self-harm and public threats?
  • Committed to preventing bad press and protecting your brand?

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Our Director of Community Trust & Safety will examine your community, locate areas of potential risk, and provide you with a personalized community analysis, including recommended best practices and tips to maximize user engagement.

Our two hats combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Interaction (HI) to support freedom of expression while protecting users from abuse, hate speech, and pornography. We provide automated chat, image and video moderation solutions for all types of social platforms.

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