Have you ever wondered if there is actually a connection between content moderation, game design, and community growth?

Concerned about legislation like the UK Online Harms and Australia Online Safety Act?

Are you worried about the rise of cyberbullying and harassment online, and the impact it can have on your players and the health of your brand?

In this session, our panelists will shed light on how investing in player safeguarding can help grow your game or platform. Our community experts will share how leveraging technology and best practices can have a direct impact on your brand and gaming community, especially at a time when people are social distancing and spending more time playing online games, and companies are seeing their chat volumes increasing exponentially.

They will also delve into how staying ahead of upcoming legislation will help you mitigate major risks to your brand.

You’ll learn about:

  • Intentional game design aiming to curb negative behaviour while maximizing positive player interaction to improve player retention
  • Importance of using the right automation tools (filters) and implementing Trust & Safety practices based on community guidelines to safeguard your players
  • Importance of industry proactively leading the conversations of best practices and preparing for new legislation
  • Reaching a diverse player base by understanding language and cultural needs

Want to put these practices into action and implement them into your content moderation strategy?

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