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Building engaging, healthy, & thriving online communities is a multi-layered challenge that requires different tools & approaches. Enter The Five Layers: a holistic approach that empowers companies to build their best digital spaces.

In the first blog we explored the importance of being deliberate about setting your community tone from the ground up. Blog two covered the power of proactively classifying and filtering your non-negotiables, like Hate Speech, before it ever reaches your community members or team.

In part three of our blog series, we explore how User Reputation is a critical strategy to empower and protect your community.

User reputation infographic


Intelligently Assess Context

Layer 3 is about intelligently assessing context and identifying specific patterns of behaviors beyond a single occurrence, or “what if” scenarios. What if a known negative community member asks for someone’s personal information many times in a row? When does it cross the “enough is enough” line?

Imagine a member typing ‘You have a nice s#*t!’. If they are a consistently positive community member, it’s a safe bet that this was a spelling error and that they meant to say ‘shirt’. There is no need to mute this account because you’ve identified them as a Trusted member.

Another scenario would be someone repeatedly spamming the chat with ‘Visit site to get money for your account!’. In this case, it’s clear based on the user’s past behavior that they have a history of violating community guidelines. To prevent further spam from occurring, this hypothetical account should be automatically set to an Untrusted state so their chat is restricted.

As for members who are consistently positive and engaging, some of Two Hat customers have leveraged User Reputation to encourage them with positive messages and even reward them with perks!

Empower Community Expression

By analyzing trillions of data points over the years we have been partnering with our customers, we know that most (Approximately 85%) text online is very normative, of low risk, and aligned with the purpose of online communities. Directly connected to that is the fact that most community members engage in a way that favors and amplifies the intended experiences in a platform. As for harmful and negative behavior, that makes up a smaller (Approximately 3%) portion of all chat. Furthermore, most of this negative chat is driven by a small subset of the community.

The goal for a holistic community management solution that leverages user reputation begins and ends with maximizing expression while ensuring safety. Through AI and human insight, we at Two Hat, have come up with an approach that empowers and protects those online.

By understanding community members’ reputation, online communities have the context needed to elegantly apply filter settings, enforce boundaries for untrusted members, educate them, and reinforce community norms.

To find out how else you can better empower and protect your community, read the rest of our Five Layers of Community Protection blog series. You can also request a live demo of our Community Sift platform to see how our unique approach to evaluating user reputation can help you build a healthy, thriving, and safe community.

Learn about Layer 4 here.

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