As technology evolves, more and more images are uploaded and shared online. While most of these images are innocent, some contain offensive or unwanted content. Disturbingly, sometimes that includes child abuse.

With our cutting-edge image and video scanning technology, social products can detect and remove dangerous and illegal content from their platforms in real time. Use our one-of-a-kind ensemble model to automatically identify pornographyextremismgoreweapons, and drugs while reducing your users’ and moderators’ exposure to NSFW content.

And through our work with law enforcement, we now provide child sexual abuse material (CSAM) detection for social sharing platforms.

Why is real-time image and video moderation crucial for social sharing platforms?

Protect your brand value. Don’t let offensive or illegal imagery negatively impact your brand equity.

Protect your community. Automatically remove pornography, hateful images, extreme violence, child abuse, and more.

Decrease moderation costs. Human moderation is expensive. Leverage cutting-edge AI to prioritize the work that matters.

Establish your platform as a safe space. Show your commitment to child safety by eliminating CSAM.

Ensure compliance. Follow App Store and Google Play moderation guidelines and get published.

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