We feel your pain. Managing a moderation team is increasingly challenging with more sophisticated threats, more volume, and limited resources. As the world’s leading trust and safety solution, we’ve listened closely to feedback from top companies around the world to improve how our community management software works. Our comprehensive upgrade to Community Sift Text moderation includes game-changing benefits such as easier integration into your business processes, more accurate and consistent decisions, and reduced resources needed to prevent toxicity.  Now, you can pair the most advanced moderation platform with the most accurate classification in one comprehensive solution, Community Sift.

Manage your community exactly the way you want to
NGM Text puts you in the driver’s seat. Enabling you to maximize the end-user experience, community growth, content review efficiency, and moderator health. Community Sift provides a vast array of options to build your best community, including custom fields, languages, topics, and risk levels that enable you to better filter, prioritize, process, and inform moderator decisions. New queue creation options give you complete control over content, accessibility, and layout. In addition, more specific and powerful Policy Guides help you tighten guideline enforcement to keep your users safe.

NGM Text makes it simple
Getting better moderation performance doesn’t have to be difficult. The new platform enables simple integration and usage, so your moderation team can quickly experience all the many benefits minus the hassle. NGM Text consolidates dozens of potential endpoints into one, saving you engineering time and money during integration. Once you start, you will have full control of your workflow with new self-service community guidelines and moderation queue creation. Plus, the reinvented interface enables your team to adapt Community Sift to meet your business needs in less time and with fewer clicks.

Deliver more effective and consistent community management in less time
Enjoy the best of both worlds by achieving consistently higher levels of community satisfaction, and better workforce management at the same time. NGM Text provides unprecedented information to improve moderator decisions while streamlining their workflow. Some of the key features enable you to:

  • Increase moderator accuracy and speed with queue prioritization and routing based on the most relevant custom fields, languages, and risk levels.
  • Enhance consistency in guest experience and moderator decision-making with easy-to-capture moderator validation and feedback in the queue.
  • Optimize policy guides and your workforce with new dashboard data tracking performance by queue, policy guide, topic, moderator and more.
  • Improve capacity planning with easy-to-view, precise queue counts to inform your resource allocation.
  • Accelerate response time and reduce exposure to harmful content with the ability to automatically allow or reject obviously low or high-risk content types.

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NGM Text is a robust platform with many new features and benefits.  We’d love to walk you through the platform in more detail to see how it might help make your life easier and boost your team’s performance. Contact our team today.

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