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Moderating user-generated content on your app is essential not only for gaining approval to publicly list your app on Apple’s iOS App Store or Android’s Google Play, but content moderation can help make your app successful by tripling return visitors, increasing daily sessions by more than 400%, and increasing session length by 60%.

If you’ve ever worked on a successful App with real-world adoption then you know to expect user language and behavior that is defamatory, discriminatory and mean-spirited, and that often negatively references religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, or national/ethnic origin. And these are precisely the types of content that Apple requires you to filter out if you want to be able to make your App available for download on the Apple iOS App Store.

Two Hat’s Content Moderation Platform makes filtering profanity and gaining App Store approval and user care simple. In real time, our AI leverages 30 billion monthly interactions to aid machine learning and detect and flag toxic content, even if that content is modified by the user through Leet or other UnNatural Language methods. And we offer this service in 20 languages, each managed by a team of native speakers.

We also help simplify the review of User Reports, escalating legitimate grievances for priority review and de-prioritizing unfounded reports often created by users to harass good actors. Stop chasing a few bad actors around the block and get back to growing your business and building awesome things.

Connecting to Two Hat’s enterprise-grade Content Moderation Platform is easy: simply make a RESTFul API call. We offer free demos of our Content Moderation Platform, ongoing human support to get you up and running quickly, and confidential audits and checklists to give you confidence you’re doing all you can to grow your app. To get started, simply fill out the adjacent form on this page.

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