Filter Profanity, Toxic Language, and Unwanted Images with our API

The power of Community Sift is just a simple API call away

Community Sift is a context-based profanity filter and moderation tool designed for online communities of all demographics. Whether you’ve written your app or platform in Java, Python, Ruby, PHP or any other language, you can easily connect to Community Sift’s API to dynamically detect and filter abuse, harassment, profanity, and toxic content in real time. Protect your brand and your community with automated content moderation for chat, usernames, private and public messages, forums, comments, images, and more.

How It Works

Step 1: Call our API

Call our secure RESTful API with a simple JSON request. This sends your user-generated content to Community Sift.

Step 2: Community Sift Processes Content

Our industry-leading artificial intelligence model identifies and labels high-risk content for abuse, harassment, profanity, sexting, and more — all in real time.

Step 3: Community Sift Returns Results

The content is returned to your platform. Depending on your custom settings, the content is flagged for review by your team, automatically removed from your community, or published.

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Unique Features
  • More than just a profanity filter. Industry-leading AI can detect complex manipulations like l337 5p34k, unicode characters, and misspellings, which profanity filters often miss.
  • Unparalleled scalability and accuracy. We process 22 billion pieces of content a month across a variety of platforms, from adult gaming communities to kid’s virtual worlds.
  • Automated workflows. Effortlessly escalate disruptive content and toxic players while reducing interference with your community.
  • Expert language building. 22 languages built in-house by native speakers, ready to deploy immediately.
  • Committed to privacy. GDPR & COPPA compliant.
  • Hands-on support. A dedicated Integration & Client Success team will guide you every step of the way.
  • To request a demo of the Community Sift moderation tool please submit this form.

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