Let’s work together to build technology and global policy that helps stop online child exploitation.

Project Deploy

Team Leads: Rovic
Description: Deploy hackathon technologies into the RCMP’s secure environment for testing.

Project Annotate

Team Leads: Binglin and Manisha
Description: Build a global annotation standard for child sexual abuse text and images. Multiple individual efforts have been made by global law enforcement agencies but inconsistency prohibits building better CEI detection tools by data scientists.

Project United

Team Leads: Mike and Arnold
Description: Coordinate on a fast, easy, jurisdiction-friendly global protocol for sharing CSAM evidence between agencies.

Project Oversight

Team Leads: Anne-Marie and Dani
Description: Design a text classification system that can detect attempts to lure or groom a child in real-time using the RCMP’s provided long text data set.

Project Recall

Team Leads: Mehrdad and Renming
Description: Train an image classification system for detecting new child sexual abuse images using the RCMP’s provided image data set.

Project Blindsight

Team Leads: David and Professor Chen
Description: Develop an algorithm for irreversible feature extraction that allows child sexual abuse material to be primarily trained in a cloud-based environment.


7:30 pm Meet and greet at the River Rock Resort
8:30 am Registration and Breakfast
9:00 am Welcome and Project Introductions
10:00 am Session: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (optional)
 11:00 am Session: Multi-party Training with Privacy (optional)
11:30 am Session: Accurate Child Age Detection (optional)
1:00 pm Session: Computer Vision with Perfect Accuracy (optional)
8:30 am Registration and Breakfast
9:00 am Project Time
3:30 pm Project Presentations
4:15 pm Closing Remarks

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