The Two Hat Solution

A powerful, scalable, and automated content moderation platform for social products. Simply connect to our API to moderate text, usernames, images, and videos in real time.

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Leverage AI to scale moderation efforts in your online community. Deliver a positive user experience and protect your brand from online harms.

Our vision at Hatch is to change the way people play games – by creating a place where people can enjoy new social experiences together and have fun at the same time. With Two Hat, Hatch can provide a fun, and most importantly, safe environment for friends and families to play together. Two Hat helps us protect our brand, our players, and our support agents from harmful content and negative experiences.

Pascal Debroek Head of Customer Service Hatch

With Two Hat's help, we've established our app as a space for teens to express themselves in a safer and moderated environment.

Marc-Antoine Durand COO Yubo