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About Kidzworld

A social networking site that’s made with kids in mind? That’s Kidzworld – the revolutionary and first-of-its-kind platform that makes social networking safe for kids! Kidzworld is safe, moderated, and has worldwide users from the ages of 9-16 interacting daily. Users can browse articles, create a custom profile, post in the forums, upload pictures, and chat with friends. All with the core goal of keeping kids safe and monitored in a fun and bully-free community.

Why Community Sift?
Designed for and used exclusively by kids, it’s crucial that Kidzworld provides a safe, diligently moderated platform for its young users. They chose Community Sift as their chat filter and automated moderation solution because it’s a safe moderation platform with settings designed specifically for young audiences. Community Sift allows Kidzworld to comprehensively monitor and filter user interactions to ensure community safety 24/7.

The team can add and remove filtered words and phrases and adjust risk levels to meet the needs of the community — all within seconds. They use the Community Sift content queues to escalate dangerous content for review and to moderate accordingly.

“One of the most valuable features of Community Sift is the ability for Kidzworld to add and remove words and phrases to the filter instantly. This feature allows Kidzworld to immediately respond to changes in how kids interact with each other. This allows us to continue to provide our users with the best possible online experience.”

Jordan Achilles, Community Manager, Kidzworld

Reputation Matters
Kidzworld has benefited in particular from Community Sift’s innovative user reputation system. With user reputation and trust levels, users move from “trusted” to “not trusted” based on their behavior and language.

As users engage in positive, healthy behavior they become trusted, and their chat permissions become less restrictive. When users break community guidelines and their chat becomes abusive, their chat permissions become stricter. Users move between levels automatically based on flexible, predetermined triggers.

The Kidzworld team can instantly adjust the triggers that move users between trust levels, and even change trust levels manually if necessary.

Users are notified when their trust level is about to change. The team believes that when users realize their chat will be put into restricted mode, they think twice about their behavior and language.

The entire community benefits when consistent positive reinforcement encourages users to follow community guidelines. User reputation allows Kidzworld to give their young users a voice, and to express themselves fully.

“Community Sift gives Kidzworld the ability to reward our user’s positivity by using their trusted User Reputation system. Historically user moderation platforms have only punished users for their behavior. Community Sift allows our users to learn from their behavior which will inevitably change for the better. Positive reinforcement leads to positive behavior.”

Jordan Achilles, Community Manager, Kidzworld

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