Studies show that users who participate in positive social features are three times more likely to return on day two. Participation in healthy, moderated chat increases daily sessions by more than four times and session length by 60%.

In this age of COVID-19 and worldwide lockdowns, more people are relying on technology and digital solutions for entertainment, information, and connectivity.

Are you?

  • Concerned about the impact abuse and harassment have on your users?
  • Worried you’re missing harmful content?
  • Interested in learning how to remove blockers to engagement, retention, and growth?
  • Unsure how to pivot your moderation strategy during the pandemic?

If so, book a no-cost, no-obligation Community Consultation with Two Hat’s Director of Community Trust & Safety, Carlos Figueiredo. A co-founder of the Fair Play Alliance and speaker at major events including GDC, RovioCon, and Content Moderation 2019, Carlos will provide:

  • An outline of your potential risks and opportunities for improvement, especially in the face of upcoming regulations
  • Actionable takeaways and recommended best practices
  • Tips to maximize community health and encourage positive, retention-boosting user interactions

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