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Two Hat’s AI-powered content moderation platform classifies, filters, and escalates more than 102 billion human interactions, including messages, usernames, images, and videos a month, all in real-time.

With an emphasis on surfacing online harms including cyberbullying, abuse, hate speech, violent threats, and child exploitation, we enable clients across a variety of social networks to foster safe and healthy user experiences.

More than just a profanity filter, Two Hat’s all-in-one content moderation platform includes:

Why choose Two Hat’s content moderation platform?

Similar to antivirus software, with our massive and diverse dataset you’ll benefit from learnings on other networks – so the harm doesn’t happen on yours. Few companies would consider building their own antivirus software. If they did they would constantly be finding the latest attack only after they experienced the harm. Likewise, there is no end to the creative ways people get around filters. Don’t get locked into the endless arms race, instead, leverage our massive network to proactively prevent problems.

Maintain autonomy over your content moderation practices with the agency to adjust your settings, create flexible workflows, make real-time updates, and have full transparency into our solution. During a real-world crisis on your platform where real lives matter every second counts. Unlike traditional AI systems where new models can take thousands of examples and days to train and deploy, with Two Hat, you can change a rule and make it live in less than a second across our entire massive cloud.

We pride ourselves in providing the most comprehensive and hands-on service in the industry. Receive enterprise-level guidance and white-glove service from the community experts on our Client Success team. On-site Client Success and Language & Culture training are available, in addition to community audits, content moderation consultations, and community moderation strategy best practice sessions with our Director of Community Trust & Safety.

Industry Expertise
Partner with moderation experts with 20+ years of experience detecting online harms, and access best practices built with the largest social networks in the world.

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