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In a month-long study we conducted with one of the top mobile games in the Action RPG Category, we found that players who participated in positive social features were three times more likely to return on day two. Not only that, participation in healthy, moderated chat increased daily sessions by more than four times and session length by 60%.

It’s never been more clear – gaming is the largest entertainment sector in the world and social features like in-game chat are fast-becoming essential to the player experience. We need only look at the success of community-based games like Fortnite to see that social is the future of gaming.

Not only that, but a healthy, inclusive community can also increase player engagement and critically, impact purchasing decisions. In our study, we also found that the LTV of players who participated in group chat was 20 times higher than those who didn’t chat.

Every month we help our customers classify and escalate more than 102 billion human interactions in real-time. Our battle-tested solutions for global gaming companies include chat filtering in 20 languages for profanity, abuse, hate speech and more, and automated, policy-based moderation for usernames, images, video, and live streams.

With Two Hat’s highly customizable solution, you can ensure that your players can express themselves freely by setting different guidelines for different social features in your game. Use policy guides to set stricter guidelines in public chat while allowing players to chat freely in private clans, alliances, or groups.

Our AI-powered content moderation platform provides an all-in-one content moderation solution, with self-serve reports and data analysis, content escalations, flexible workflows to maximize your moderation team’s efficiency, triage for reported content, and more.

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