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As technology evolves, more and more images and videos are uploaded and shared online. While most are innocent, some contain offensive or unwanted content. Disturbingly, sometimes that includes child abuse.

Unwanted exposure to violent, abusive or pornographic images has a profoundly negative effect on users, brands, and moderators. The problem is too big for human moderators alone to solve.

With our cutting-edge image scanning technology, social networks can detect and remove dangerous and illegal content from their platforms in real-time. Use our one-of-a-kind ensemble model to automatically identify pornography, extremism, gore, weapons, and drugs and drastically reduce your users’ and moderators’ exposure to NSFW content.

The experts on our Client Success team will work with you to build optimal workflows and leverage triaging techniques to ensure you get the most out of our image and video moderation solution. With up to 98.97% accuracy, you can rest easy knowing that your users, your brand, and your moderators are protected from undue exposure to potentially damaging content.

And through our work with law enforcement, we now provide child sexual abuse material (CSAM) detection for social networks.


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