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Kids are more vulnerable online than anyone else, and you take protecting the children on your platform seriously.

The same connectivity and curiosity that opens new worlds for kids can also be used to hurt them. Cyberbullying, extortion, solicitation of sexual images, incitement to self-harm and exposure to violent and extremist content can all be part of online life for the unprotected child.

We’ve been in the business of keeping kids safe online for over 20 years now, and have brought that passion and expertise to Two Hat. Our founder and CEO built the original safety features for Club Penguin, the kids’ MMO that grew to 300 million players and was acquired by Disney in 2007. Many Two Hat staff members got their start at Club Penguin and Disney as moderators and safety experts for Disney’s large catalog of children’s digital products.

With this rich background in children’s online safety, we build and maintain a filter that is grounded in industry-proven best practices.

COPPA compliance is crucial for organizations with users under 13 in the US. That’s why we’ve created a set of community guidelines specifically for children’s products to aid in COPPA compliance. Learn more about these settings below.

Every month we help our customers classify and escalate more than 102 billion human interactions in real-time. Our battle-tested solutions for kid’s platform include chat filtering in 20 languages for profanity, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), hate speech, child exploitation and more, and automated, policy-based moderation for usernames, images, video and live streams.

Our AI-powered content moderation platform is more than just a profanity filter. We provide an all-in-one content moderation solution, with self-serve reports and data analysis, content escalations, flexible workflows to maximize your moderation team’s efficiency, triage for reported content, and more.

Two Hat also partners with child safety organizations across the globe. We’re proud to align ourselves with organizations like PRIVO, Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, and 5Rights Foundation that are tackling online harms at a high level.

We also work closely with governments, law enforcement, university researchers and industry associations, such as gaming’s Fair Play Alliance, to lead collaborative dialog among the diverse stakeholders required to keep kids safe online.

COPPA Compliance

In the US, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) dictates how websites, online services, or apps that are marketed to children under 13 handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

And it’s not just products that are directed specifically to children. If your product is marketed to a general audience but includes age-gated sections, any features that are directed at children must be COPPA compliant.

The penalties for not maintaining COPPA compliance are strict. Fines can reach up to $40,000 per child on your platform. Numbers like that can cripple a business.

Not sure where to start with COPPA? Check out our Four-Step Beginner’s Guide to COPPA Compliance.

COPPA compliant chat & image moderation

The first step is ensuring that your under-13 or under-16 users cannot share PII on your platform. The best way to do that? Use a trusted and proven chat and image filter for automated PII detection. As the team that helped build the original safety and support tools for Disney Club Penguin (one of the world’s largest kid’s games with over 300 million users), we are uniquely poised to fill this niche.

We’ve created a set of community guidelines specifically for children’s products to aid in COPPA compliance. And to demonstrate our commitment to safety in kid’s social products, we work closely with companies like the kidSAFE Seal program, PRIVO, and AgeCheq.

We’ve done the hard work for you. By analyzing millions of lines of real chat, we’ve identified the many ways that users attempt to bypass traditional filters, and built defenses against them. Our team monitors language trends daily to ensure that our text and username filter remains up-to-date.

kidSafe Seal Certified

In recognition of our high level of security, Two Hat’s Community Sift has been awarded a kidSAFE seal. The kidSAFE Seal is an independent safety certification that offers a seal of approval for children-friendly websites and apps. Community Sift underwent rigorous testing and independent review to achieve kidSAFE certification, including proven safety measures for chat, community, and social features.

Our team of industry experts is passionate about keeping kids safe online and helping products with standards and best practices. We would love to discuss how we can help you on your road to designing safe online communities.

Note: We strongly recommend a COPPA review by a Safe Harbor 3rd party like PRIVO to look at your privacy statement, account creation process, and internal storage of data. In addition, the FTC provides a 6-step checklist to achieving COPPA compliance that we highly recommend you review.


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