These days, nearly every website and app allows users to upload content and interact with other community members. Whether it’s usernames, profile pics, comments, live streams, public and private chat, forums, and more the internet is full of user-generated content.

There is no doubt that social sells. But abusive or harmful online social interactions can also drive users away and cost your brand dearly.

From digital advertising to fintech to fast food companies, if your brand supports user-generated content, you will require a content moderation platform to protect your users and your reputation from harm.

At Two Hat, we don’t just work with games and social networks. Our battle-tested solutions for online communities and brands include chat filtering in 20 languages for profanity, hate speech, child exploitation and more, and automated, policy-based moderation for usernames, images, video, and live streams.

Our AI-powered content moderation platform provides an all-in-one content moderation solution, with self-serve reports and data analysis, content escalations, flexible workflows to maximize your moderation team’s efficiency, triage for reported content, and more.

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