Usernames are the foundation of your online community and your users’ first introduction to your Community Guidelines. Unlike chat, usernames are persistent. If someone signs up with an offensive name, it sets the tone for the community. And studies show that when confronted with abusive content, most users will leave. Ever heard the saying, “I love the product, but I hate the community”? It all begins with that first impression.

Just getting started with content moderation? Username moderation is a crucial first step in building your community moderation strategy and a great place to start if you’re not sure where to begin.

Unlike other UGC like chat, messages, comments, and forum posts, usernames rarely consist of “natural” language. Instead, they’re made up of long strings of letters and numbers — “unnatural” language. Most profanity filters lack the complex technology to filter usernames accurately, but Two Hat uses a unique username classification system to detect and flag inappropriate usernames.


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