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Learn how to deliver a positive and engaging user experience through best-in-class moderation.

In our Two Hat webinar series, you’ll learn recommended content moderation techniques, industry-tested workflows, product updates, case studies, and more.

Select a category below to get started, and check back regularly for the latest webinars.

NEW! How to Leverage Automated Content Moderation That Scales With You
In this webinar co-presented with the International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA), you’ll learn how to deploy content moderation approaches that scale up and down based on needs, while managing costs and resources.

NEW! Content Moderation in Challenging Times
Join Vernon Jones (Head of Safety, MovieStarPlanet), Amy Vezeau (Manager of Client Integration, Two Hat), and Carlos Figueiredo, (Director of Community Trust & Safety, Two Hat; co-founder of the Fair Play Alliance), as they discuss the state of online communities and content moderation in the age of COVID-19.

NEW! How thatgamecompany Unlocked Positive Interactions With “Sky: Children of the Light”
Join thatgamecompany’s Community Developer Robert Hornbek to learn how they leveraged innovative social features for better user engagement and experience, why player safety is core to their player experience and how we collaborated with them to build their moderation best practices.

NEW! Defining, Identifying, and Actioning Offensive Chat
In this webinar co-presented with the International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA), you’ll learn how to build an action plan to address disruptive behavior in chat. 

All About Image Moderation
This three-part webinar series covers image and video moderation, best practices from industry professionals and an overview of our image moderation platform.

Six Essential Pillars of Healthy Online Communities Series
Split into two parts, learn how to protect your brand with “healthy community by design”, and don’t forget to review our guide to community health and user engagement.

ROI, Retention, and Strategy
The ROI of COPPA featuring PRIVO
Overwhelmed by privacy regulations? Learn why kid-friendly platforms and COPPA compliance are great for business. Featuring Claire Quinn, VP of Compliance at PRIVO.

ROI of Chat: How Social Features Boost Retention & Growth
Unconvinced that chat has a positive effect on user retention and overall revenue? Learn how social features encourage engagement and growth with senior tech and entertainment executive Steve Parkis (Zynga, Disney) and Trust & Safety expert Carlos Figueiredo (Two Hat, Fair Play Alliance).

Increasing User Retention: Moderation Strategies That Work
New to content moderation? Get insights into common moderation mistakes and strategies to fix them.

Is This the Secret to User Retention? A Chat With Rovio About Content Moderation
Top-performing gaming companies like Rovio (Angry Birds, Battle Bay) know that the secret to success is strong user engagement and retention. Join Rovio’s Director of Operations Elise Lemaire and Two Hat’s Director of Community Trust & Safety Carlos Figueiredo in a lively discussion about community engagement, product stickiness, and chat moderation.

Yes, Your Online Game Needs a Chat Filter
Learn how chat filtering combined with automation can double user retention.

Preparing for Breaking News and Trending Topics
Preparing for breaking news and trending topics. Protect your community with this must-have moderation strategy.

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