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Three webinars covering image and video moderation, including a Q&A, conversation with the kid’s social app PopJam (from SuperAwesome), and a product overview.

Image Moderation 101

Wondering about the latest industry trends in image moderation? Need to keep offensive and unwanted images out of your community — but not sure where to start?

In this 30 minute chat with Two Hat Director of Community Trust & Safety, Carlos Figueiredo, he covers:

  • Why image moderation is business-critical for sharing sites in 2018
  • An exclusive look at our industry-proven best practices
  • A sneak peek at the future of image moderation… will there be robots?

Image Moderation From the Experts at PopJam

Learn how the social app PopJam uses data-driven workflows to decrease their moderation workload.

Image Moderation Product Overview

Our panel of tech experts takes a peek under the hood of Two Hat’s Community Sift image moderation solution.

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