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“We’ve had to reinvent the wheel in terms of how we moderate content and chat and how we deal with the high levels of customer support tickets… We’ve had to meet those challenges head-on and very quickly.”
— Vernon Jones, Head of Safety at MovieStarPlanet

As much of the world’s population faces an extended period of staying home, more people are spending more time on online platforms. The increase in traffic volumes in popular games and social networks is spiking sharply.

With official lockdowns starting in March 2020, Italian and Spanish chat volumes across social networks, mobile games and teen virtual worlds have increased by 122.67% and 148.2%, respectively.

  • What does this mean for online communities and those who manage them?
  • How does this exponential increase in user chat impact content moderation practices and business strategies?
  • What are the new language and behavior trends related to COVID-19?
  • How can we as an industry provide safe and inclusive spaces for users during and after the crisis?

Join Vernon Jones (Head of Safety, MovieStarPlanet), Amy Vezeau (Manager of Client Integration, Two Hat), and Carlos Figueiredo, (Director of Community Trust & Safety, Two Hat; co-founder of the Fair Play Alliance), as they discuss the state of online communities and content moderation in the age of COVID-19.

Don’t forget to download the accompanying e-book, “Content Moderation in Challenging Times: Techniques to Moderate Chat & Manage Increased Volumes“, to get practical, actionable best practices you can apply to start safeguarding your community — today.

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