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Overwhelmed by privacy regulations? Learn why kid-friendly platforms and COPPA compliance are great for business. Featuring Claire Quinn, VP of Compliance at PRIVO.

Want to drive engagement, retention, and revenue in a privacy-enhanced, compliant, and sustainable way?

In The ROI of COPPA, you’ll uncover the benefits of embracing COPPA and unlocking your audience’s potential.

Led by the VP of Compliance at PRIVO, the leading global industry expert in children’s online privacy and delegated consent management, you will learn how COPPA can help you improve your lifetime value and engagement with your young users and their parents.

PRIVO is joined by Two Hat Security’s Director of Community Trust & Safety to discuss the role of social features in driving engagement.

You will learn about:

  • Enabling partnerships & working with third parties on analytics
  • Cross promotion & advertising
  • Sliding scale parental consent
  • Increasing levels of engagement by enabling social features like chat rooms
  • And much more

The ROI of COPPA is ideal for anyone interested in the digital kids’ space including, producers, product, marketing, and compliance professionals.

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