Upcoming Webinar: Yes, Your Online Game Needs a Chat Filter

Are you unconvinced that you need a chat filter in your online game, virtual world, or social app? Undecided if purchasing moderation software should be on your product roadmap in 2018? Unsure if you should build it yourself?

You’re not alone. Many in the gaming and social industries are still uncertain if chat moderation is a necessity.

On Wednesday, January 31st at 10:00 am PST, Two Hat Community Trust & Safety Director Carlos Figueiredo shares data-driven evidence proving that you must make chat filtering and automated moderation a business priority in 2018.

In this quick 30-minute session, you’ll learn:

  • Why proactive moderation is critical to building a thriving, profitable game
  • How chat filtering combined with automation can double user retention
  • How to convince stakeholders that moderation software is the best investment they’ll make all year