PubNub & Two Hat: Stronger Together at Removing Negative, Unwanted Behaviors from Your Communities

Recently, there has been a seismic shift in the way the world looks at internet safety and how user-generated content like chat, comments, images, and videos are shared. The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our offline and online worlds in record time. More than ever before, people are turning to online communities to find entertainment, solace, and connection.

At Two Hat, we believe that everyone should be free to share online without fear of harassment or abuse. We also believe that making this vision a reality requires a shared responsibility between many organizations, governments and non-profits.

That’s why we have allied ourselves with PubNub and forged an even stronger relationship aimed at reducing negative or disruptive online behavior, improving user experiences, and protecting users on your platform, regardless of your industry, company size, or volumes.

Today, we announced you can now access Two Hat’s AI-powered real-time content moderation platform via PubNub Integrations. At the core of this partnership are integrations with Two Hat’s Community Sift and Sift Ninja, offering two ways to start removing negative, unwanted behavior, and bad actors from your communities.

Community Sift is an AI-powered, all-in-one content moderation platform that filters, classifies, reports, and escalates online harms in real-time for enterprise-sized businesses. Meanwhile, Sift Ninja is a simple, yet powerful profanity filter designed for smaller services, apps, and games.

For those building chat on PubNub, profanity filtering is a common and important feature. It’s vital for community health, especially as user traffic climbs and manual moderation becomes difficult or impossible.

Regulations and app store policies require profanity filtering, and it’s table-stakes for any product or service used by children or families. For eLearning, high-occupancy live events, and games, content moderation and filtering play a key role in ensuring happy users and healthy communities.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this renewed partnership with PubNub,” said Mike Curliss, VP of Sales & Marketing at Two Hat. “PubNub provides great flexibility in letting you work with the tools via their PubNub Functions. Their commitment to building healthy communities is very much in alignment with Two Hat’s vision and mission.”

Both organizations firmly believe it is vital that their customers, and their end-users, have easy access to best-in-class tools to protect their communities. That’s where Two Hat comes in.

“Two Hat is the leading expert in AI-powered content moderation and profanity filtering, and we are thrilled to be partnered with them,” said Jonas Gray, VP of Business Development, PubNub. “By using API integrations between Two Hat and PubNub, developers can now easily enhance their chat applications with robust tools to intelligently remove harmful content before it reaches end-users.”

PubNub’s unwavering commitment to providing its clients with powerful, easy-to-implement solutions for in-app chat was another reason for this renewed partnership.

With these newest integrations, you can easily augment your in-app chat, whether it’s 1:1, group, or event chat for thousands of users. And, with the tools offered by Community Sift and Sift Ninja, you’ll have full control over how to handle filtered content and bad actors.

For more details, visit PubNub’s integrations pages for Community Sift and Sift Ninja. Additionally, each page contains sample code and documentation to get set up with these integrations in your PubNub application.

Two Hat explains UnNatural Language Processing

What is UnNatural Language Processing and why does it matter?

Are you ready to support UNLP in 20 languages and cultures? Request an audit of your online community and find out.

How Two Hat Builds a Global Chat Filter

Why does Two Hat build our 20 digital languages in-house instead of using a translation engine to power your chat filter?

Because language is human.

Watch and learn what’s unique about Two Hat’s approach then fill out the form below and request a Language & Culture audit.

One of our expert staff will help assess your online community’s health and readiness to keep users safe and happy in 20 different languages.

Language is human

Online community is global. That goes whether you’re a game or an app, a social network or a brand. With the opportunity of global scale, though, comes the cost of making your community a truly safe and welcoming place for all your users. This is awful tough to do absent a deep appreciation of each unique language and culture.

Language is a human construct: something we purposefully create to describe and order our experience. French is spoken fluently in France, Canada, the Caribbean and throughout Africa, though the experience of those places is quite different. Why? Culture.

Culture includes language but it’s more. It’s idioms and nuance and context and perception. It’s interpretation based on sense and feel. Culture taps a broader frame of reference than language alone.

That’s why it’s not enough to rely on plug-and-play translation for your online community’s content moderation. You need human beings to train the machine. Two Hat supports 20 languages, accurately and with nuance.

Each language data set is created and nurtured by native speakers from a range of nations and cultures. They’re real people who are passionate about making online communities safer and they’re awesome to know. Care to meet one? Complete the form below to get a free Language & Culture Audit for your online community.

Welcome to the new Two Hat site!

Today’s the day! We’ve been working hard on our new website for months (or has it been years? It feels like years), and it’s finally ready.

The biggest change you’ll notice is that we’ve merged the Two Hat and Community Sift websites. Before, if you wanted to learn about the company you’d have to start on the Two Hat site, then hop over to the Community Sift site to learn about the product. Not anymore! Now they’re together — our vision, our story, and our work, all on one site.

We’ve also added more information about our latest project, CEASE. An artificial intelligence model built to find new child sexual abuse material (CSAM), CEASE is our most important project yet, and we’re thrilled to share our progress with the world.

We encourage you to head over to the CEASE homepage and learn more. It’s not an easy topic to face, but it’s crucial that we tackle it, head on. It’s not a problem we can solve alone, so we encourage you to get involved if you can. Find out more here.

We’ve also updated the Community Sift product page with lots of new content, including case studies (stay tuned for more!) and an all-new FAQ section.

We believe in a world free of online bullying, harassment, and child exploitation. And with this new site, we hope to share that vision and that dream with the world. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

In 2017, let’s build a better internet, together.