Industry Spotlight: Jennifer Cadieux, Ludia

This week I caught up with Jennifer Cadieux, Ludia Inc.’s Lead Moderation and Social Care Specialist. Two Hat just co-created a case study (How Ludia Leverages Insights From Player Chat to Improve Their Games) with the Ludia team, so this was a great opportunity to catch up with Jennifer and hear more about her work.

Carlos Figueiredo: Can you tell us about how you started your career in the games industry, specifically in the area of social care and moderation?

Jennifer Cadieux: I started as a Functionality Quality Assurance tester at a third-party provider before switching over to their Player Support section. When I first moved over I handled things like customer support tickets and some light community management duties which is where I learned about the social care aspect.

I was lucky enough a few months in to get assigned to a moderation job and fell in love with it. No two days were ever the same and the players kept my days interesting. When I was hired on to Ludia it was only natural to continue in this in a hybrid environment.

CF: Many companies look at content moderation as only something that addresses negative behavior, but we know that it’s much more than that. How do you use Two Hat’s Community Sift to get valuable insights from player chat and make better games and experiences for your audience?

JC: Chat offers a wealth of information that players may not necessarily voice anywhere else.

If we see a trend of a specific word getting moderated over and over that has no negative context then we can use the tool to dig into that and see how and why it’s trending.

Everything from player nicknames for creatures to acronyms they use helps us clarify the players’ experience and relay suggestions and frustrations to our production teams.

CF: What is your favorite feature in Two Hat’s Community Sift and why?

JC: I really like the flexibility to adjust policies per queue; different games have different age restrictions so it’s extremely important to us to be able to tailor these per title and queue.

CF: What’s the best thing for you about the Ludia community? What makes it unique?

JC: Their nicknames for our various creatures crack me and my team up, like The Rat, Golden Chicken, and Dentist.

The community of players as a whole is very witty and clearly have a passion for their chosen titles. As we handle multiple titles we get to see lots of different players but one thing that runs through them all is their clear love of mobile games.

CF: What is something about content moderation in video games that you wish everybody knew about?

JC: We care about our players and their experience. The moderators don’t want to ban you, they want you playing and having fun. 

About Jennifer Cadieux

Jennifer Cadieux is based out of Montreal and created the Moderation and Social Care role at Ludia in 2018. She is an avid learner and can be found bingeing documentaries in her off time. Using knowledge gained from a lifetime of learning about other cultures she is driven to create safe places for players to interact with and learn from each other.


Learn more about the wonderful work of the Ludia team by downloading the case study.