Is your platform at risk?

New social media regulations are being introduced in countries across the globe nearly every week. More than ever, Safety by Design and purposeful content moderation are key to your platform’s success.

Do you have the resources at your disposal to enforce your terms of use? Are you missing the tools to moderate harmful user-generated content like abuse, hate speech, and violence? What about illegal content like terrorism and child sexual abuse material (CSAM)?

Two Hat’s Community Sift is an automated content moderation solution for text, usernames, images, videos, and reported content.

With Two Hat’s Community Sift, live streaming, video sharing, and social platforms can:

  • Proactively identify, flag, and block terrorist and abhorrent violent material
  • Take timely action on user reports by triaging time-sensitive content
  • Remove harmful text, images, and videos while still allowing freedom of expression
  • Block child sexual abuse in real time

We believe that technology is part of the solution. And with seven years of experience protecting some of the biggest social platforms and games in the world, we are uniquely positioned to equip your company with the tools to tackle violent, racist, and illegal content.

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